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About Us

Better Products - Better Service - Competitive Prices

Our working philosophy is simple: Build a better fence at a competitive price, and treat our customers and employees as we like to be treated!

Bob’s Fence is a local family business serving Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties for two decades. Our family is proud of our reputation -- we’ve earned it! It’s no secret that Bob’s Fence builds a better fence and offers better service at competitive prices. Where others make promises and claims, we deliver. You can count on us. Our customers appreciate that!

Greater attention to detail is the Bob’s Fence quality edge. Our workmanship standards are as high as they get. We treat every job as a showpiece -- paying particular attention to getting every detail right (including a thorough clean up at completion). A better product is the inevitable result!

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Construction Crews at Bob’s Fence are the Best!

We often get unsolicited customer feedback praising their workmanship. Our installers are hard working family men, and a sense of responsibility and pride permeates their work -- good for us, good for our customers!

An experienced, knowledgeable foreman heads up each of our capable crews on every job! Our installers work in teams with the same foreman every day, continuously honing their practical and teamwork skills, much like athletes in training.

We believe our impeccable reputation is rooted in a few simple values – competent hard work, dedication to the highest principles of quality, and uncompromising fairness in customer service. We operate this way because that’s what we expect from the companies that serve us.


Bob Ghen, Owner

"Our primary mission at Bob’s Fence is to provide our service with integrity; to create the highest degree of customer and employee satisfaction; to be worthy of trust; and to be flexible and cooperative. Our pledge is echoed in our working philosophy: Build a better fence at a competitive price, and treat our customers and employees as we like to be treated."